There are 16 tennis courts, 12 clay courts, 1 in play-it, 3 hard-courts.
In winter time there are 13 indoor courts.

The TCM clay courts are considered by the ITF amongst the best in Europe, very similar to those at Roland Garros.


The pool desired by Count Alberto Bonacossa, that brought the plans back from the United States in 1929, was inaugurated the following year and since then has been a location for parties and social events.

The famous “dinner of the stars” for example, takes place in the magical atmosphere of the pool and its garden, a place for evenings of dance, which in the past have sometimes been held by covering the pool with wooden planks. The current look of the pool comes from the remodeling completed in 1947 by the architect Aldo Paladini.

First in dirt, then transformed to clay, currently the football field is in artificial grass.

It has artificial lighting to allow for night games. It is of regulatory dimensions and official games can, therefore, be played. Non-official, but certainly important games are played daily between members.


Recently completed, it is an equipped green area, destined for member’s children under six years of age, and therefore too young to become members. Another chance to unite families in a unique area of the city center.