An authentic institution of the city’s sports, The Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa represents a concentrate of excellence.

Founded in 1893 and later named after Count Alberto Bonacossa, it has hosted numerous international sporting events. Our courts have been trod upon by legendary tennis players from the past as well as by those currently at the top of the world classification.

The Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa organizes the Trofeo Bonfiglio, Campionati Internazionali d’Italia Juniores Maschili e Femminili. The best chance for Italians passionate about the sport to meet tomorrow’s champions.

The Tennis School has been active since 1937 and is an incubator for young talent. Since September 2012, through a large collaboration project, the Tennis Club Alberto Bonacossa, has taken on a new sports and educational path, thanks to the consulting from Riccardo Piatti and his staff.

The Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa is thus the cradle of important tennis in Italy, as well as a Milanese cultural heritage.


Tennis started to spread in Italy at the end of the 1800’s. It was the English that played and made the sport known, during their long holidays in our country. In 1893, the Lawn Tennis Club was formed in Milan.
During these years, tennis was played by a limited number of people, but the enthusiasm for the new sport spread rapidly and the “passionate pioneers” found the TCM to be the perfect place to play.

Even Gabriele D’Annunzio attended our club, as a non-player. His secretary Tom Antongini was a great tennis player and won the first tournaments. Among the first people to be passionate about tennis, the Count Alberto Bonacossa and the Marquis Gilberto Porro Lambertenghi were the most enthusiastic and active. In 1914, they wrote and printed the first Italian Manual of Tennis.

In 1920, Italian tennis was present for the first time at the Antwerp Olympics. The Italian team was made up of Rosetta Gagliardi Prouse, Cesare Colombo and Alberto Bonacossa from TCM and Tino Baldi di Rebecco from TC Genova. After 1920, tennis was played more and more and it assumed the appearance of a rapidly spreading sport.

In 1923, the current location of TCM was inaugurated, designed by the architect Giovanni Muzio at the request of Count Bonacossa.

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Club de Centenaires

The Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa, along with other prestigious European clubs, founded the Club de Centenaires de Tennis. An international association sponsored by C.I.O and restricted to tennis clubs with at least one hundred years of history.

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