The courts of TCM have been trod by legendary tennis players from the past, as by those currently at the top of world rankings. From the paths of the club in Via Arimondi, many of the top Italian players of all time took off, such as Annellies Bossi Bellani, Lucia Valerio, Marcello Del Bello, Giovanni Cucelli, Fausto Gardini, Sergio Tacchini, Lea Pericoli, Silvia Farina, and the women that are making history in Italian tennis: Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta.

To continue and renew this glorious tradition, the TCM offers training methods for competitive players chosen by the Staff, to guide them from their first experiences toward a possible future approach to professional tennis.

Since September 2012 to achieve this goal, the club has consulted Riccardo Piatti and his staff. With his work are developed, for all tennis levels, specific training methodologies for each player, focus on the technical, tactical and athletic aspects.

Riccardo Piatti, international tennis coach, has followed such players as Richard Gasquet, Milos Raonic, Borna Coric, Maria Sharapova and for specific goals Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. From his experience born the Piatti Tennis Center in Bordighera that has become the Tennis Milan ideal partner for training and growth of its players.

Young talents can take advantage of the Ligurian structure in which the most modern technologies are involved to improve tennis.

The weeks at the Piatti Tennis Center, in addition to the growth moment for our athletes, constitute an essential training moment for our staff.

National F.I.T. Coach since 1990, Professional PTR as well, is considered one of the world's leading experts in video analysis.

Danilo Pizzorno started this carrer following Ivan Ljubicic, at the time number 51 Atp.

Over the years he improves his method: From 2009 to 2011 He was incharge for the video analysis at the Federal Technical Center of Tirrenia, as well as the Piatti Tennis Team from 2005 to 2018.

Today as a consultant he supports the work of the TCM staff, following professional players with the aim of further raising the level of the Club's proposal. His work can be seen on the thematic channel DartfishTV.


Matteo Cecchetti

Francesco Zacchia

Luca Ottavi

Mauro Simoncini

Andrea Turco

Marco Rossi

Alberta Brianti

Pietro Matteo Pessina


Alessandro Buson

Christian Perone

Gianluca Tiscione

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